Music Streaming

Music is a major part of our daily lives – personal, social, and even the economy. We personally listen to music as a form of relaxation and entertainment. In social events like parties and gatherings, music is also present. Plus, there are lots of people who use music to earn money. Thus, you can’t really imagine a life without music.

History of Music

Throughout the history of humans, music has been a part of all aspects of culture. Even the tribes who are living in secluded areas have their own music. It has been a form of entertainment from a long time ago up to this day. However, there are only theories regarding the true origin of music.

Some historians believed that the first musical instrument is the human voice because it can make different sounds including singing, humming, and whistling. On the other hand, the first instrument was a bone flute. It was discovered in a part of the Swabian caves system in southern Germany – a part of the human settlement called Geißenklösterle. With the help of carbon dating, the flutes were found to be 42,000 to 43,000 years old.

As the years passed by, different kinds of instruments were developed all over the world. Each of these instruments was able to produce sounds that are different from one another. Thus, there are wide varieties of music that we can listen to. Some of the important periods for music were the Medieval or Middle Ages, Renaissance Period, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and the 20th Century.



Different Forms of Music

The earliest music player is the phonograph, which was subsequently called as gramophone – which was invented by Thomas Edison. Its partner is the vinyl record that has engraved sound vibration waveforms. It produces the sound by tracing the waveforms using the stylus pen that is vibrated in the stethoscope-type earphone.

The next one is the cassette player and tape. The music was recorded in a magnetically coated, polyester-type plastic film. When the tape is played, the two spools moved in different directions. Aside from handheld cassette players, there was also a model designed for car dashes.

Before mp3 players were introduced, there were CD players. Its partner is the compact disc that uses digital optical disc data storage format. There are boom boxes and radios that have CD players but since it’s bulky, people preferred the portable player which they can carry around.

Nowadays, you can do music streaming on the internet. However, some people still prefer to use the classic music players. Vinyl records are even considered as a treasure so these are expensive. You can shop online using discounts to buy records of your favorite artists.

Music Streaming

Back then, you need to have special equipment in order to play music because it’s stored in a special storage device. However, you can easily listen to music by simply using your smartphone with music streaming.

There are tons of apps that you can use to stream music. Some of them are SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, Shazam, iHeartRadio, Slacker Radio, and Google Play Music. You can also listen offline by paying for a premium account. There are special discounts that you can get to save money.


Needless to say, for anyone to have a much deeper and more profound appreciation of music, it’s important to visit the places where the music originated. For instance, if you would like to hear some reggae, it’s good if you get to visit Jamaica, or any part of the caribbean where this kind of music is more commonly produced and made. In case you’d like to hear the kind of music that is more pentatonic or oriental in sound, then you don’t have to think too much. A visit to Japan or China should do the trick. As it is, to be able to truly experience music, you also need to be able to experience the very culture within which such music emerged.


Of course, the question is: isn’t the option of having to go from place to place kind of expensive? Well, the short answer is, it does not have to be. If you know where to look for promotions and discounts (such as the code promo Qatar Airways), then you can look forward to your biggest musical vacation yet - without having to bore a hole into your otherwise tight budget. In the end, while music does require that you spend for it, the point is that you don’t have to go broke.