Radio Songs List

Even if there are tons of gadgets where you can listen to music or surf the internet to gather information, the radio is still used by many people. Some of their reason may be due to expensive gadgets or unfamiliarity how to use the device. If the problem is about the cost, then they can shop online using voucher codes to get special discounts.

Which Songs Get Played?

You might be hearing the song for the first time on the radio, and you might be wondering how it ended up being played. In mainstream media, radio stations play songs of popular musicians or those who are always in the headlines of entertainment news with upcoming song or album. On the other hand, indie, college, and public radio don’t follow the latest trend. The songs played are based on the favorites of DJs or the local musicians in town and schools. Moreover, they feature upcoming or new musicians that fit their format.


Once the song becomes popular, it will gain more airtime due to the requests of the listeners. There are also times when a song gets more airtime due to the promotion of the record label. Lastly, there is a practice of payola – where the promoters or record label pays the radio stations or DJs so that their artist’s new song will be played more times than others.

The Best Internet Radio Stations


Most of us think that radio stations are all the same. However, there are special stations that you will like depending on their program. Here are some of the best internet radio stations:

  • RTE Junior: This Irish station is best for children with its programs like story-telling, preschool learning, and lovely music show.
  • Kool 97 FM: Half of the music played here are reggae. Moreover, they announce the arrival and departure flights from the local airport in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Radio DePaul: It’s a station from Chicago’s DePaul University. They have a wide range of schedule including fiction, business reports, and great music.


Equipment for Radio Station

If you want to start your own radio station, you can do it at your home. All you have to do is to get the necessary equipment. Remember that it will be expensive but you can save money on electronics by using promo codes. You may be able to get huge special discounts and even freebies. Here is the list of equipment that you’ll need:

  • Computer/laptop
  • Mixing Desk
  • Microphone
  • Boom arm & shock mount
  • Headphones
  • Soundcard
  • Cables